Global Shipping Resumes. 25% OFF ON ALL ITEMS Until August.

Our global shipping resumes and to give thanks for your continuous support, We are giving away 25% discount on ALL ITEMS on Skin Peel Shop. Starting June 3 until August 31, 2020, you will get 25% discount on all purchases of atleast $100.00 USD! Just use the coupon code “sps25” without the quotes. It will work on any products even if the product is already discounted like our new Multifruit Acid Complex thus giving you additional discount. Again, your coupon code is:


Peel Primer and Recovery cream are also discounted 50% when purchased with any of our peels. You can still use the 25% coupon code on top of the 50% discount mentioned above. Enjoy only the best peels this midyear season from Skin Peel Shop!

Promo period is from June 3 to August 31, 2020 only.

4 thoughts on “Global Shipping Resumes. 25% OFF ON ALL ITEMS Until August.

  1. GLOBAL SHIPPING has NOT resumed.
    And they say to celebrate they are offering a discount on what you purchase NOW. What about a discount on what we ordered months ago and still haven’t gotten????? Or a free gift??? No… they want you to buy more to get the gift when you haven’t even gotten your first order yet!!!
    This place is a joke.

    1. You also don’t get your product when you have ordered it . They are not giving tracking number yet and saying we are waiting for tracking number we already ship your order. Don’t know whether they have started global shipping or not . I think this company is a joke .

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