15% off plus your choice of powerful anti-ageing creams this February.

This February, get 20% discount on 7 products including our latest Multi Fruit Acid Complex and Time Released Glycolic Acid Set PLUS: When you spend 100.00 USD on a single receipt purchase, you can enjoy an additional 15% discount on all items plus 1 freebie of your choice among these 3 powerful anti-ageing creams:

1. Collagen and Plant Placenta Cream
2. Skin Lifting and Tightening Cream
3. Intense Undereye Lifting, Hydrating and Illuminating Cream

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15% discount will add on the 20% discount of the on-sale products. This 15% discount will also add on the 50% discount on peel primer and peel recovery cream when purchasing any of our peel sets!

Collagen and Plant Placenta Cream is a potent anti ageing cream contains fusion of the most powerful and effective anti ageing ingredients known to science! Apple Cells from organic Uttwiler Spätlauber variety, a rare Swiss apple variety that could last 4 months after being harvested (versus a few days for ordinary apples), contains powerful cells that protect the mature cells from oxidation and UV radiation, enhance cellular longevity and reverse cellular senescence.

Skin Lifting and Tightening Cream eradicate fine lines and wrinkles. This unique muscle paralyzing toxin has really been around a long time, and was usually used medically to treat various conditions related to the eyes and to cerebral palsy. It’s only when certain doctors realized that patients treated in this way seemed to develop fewer wrinkles that its cosmetic uses became apparent. This cream is applied topically (on the skin) and the longer you use it, the better the results.

Intense Undereye Lifting, Hydrating and Illuminating Cream help regain youthful look around the eyes. Our patented 125-Silicone Copolymer acts as a filler that instantly cloak lines and wrinkles of the eye area. Apitoxin from Bee Venom relaxes the smooth muscle around the eyes to prevent lines and wrinkles formation while firming, lifting and plumping the skin for that stress-free look. Organic Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract, also known as Norwegian Kelp is a seaweed harvested north of France and is sought after for its very rich Collagen content.

Don’t forget to email us at support@skinpeelshop.com within an hour from your purchase with regards to your choice of free age-defying cream. If we did not received an instruction from you, we will send a random cream to avoid shipping delays.

  • Freebie is cumulative. If you spent 200.00 USD, using the cupon code will give you 15% discount and 2 freebie choices.
  • Freebie/s will not appear on your cart or purchase receipt but will be shipped together with your orders.
  • Promo period is until February 28, 2019 only.
  • Email us at support@skinpeelshop.com within an hour of purchase with regards to your choice of freebie.

Enjoy powerful age-defying products powered by nature this February!

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