15% Off plus FREE powerful brightening creams this September.

This September, when you spend 100.00 USD on a single receipt purchase, you can enjoy 15% off on all items plus 1 freebie of your choice among these 5 powerful skin brightening creams:

1. Intense Facial Whitening Cream
2. Intimate Whitening Cream
3. Intimate Pinking Cream
4. Underarm Whitening Deodorant Cream
5. Intense Undereye Lifting, Hydrating, Illuminating Cream

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Intense Facial Whitening Cream is the best cream to treat those stubborn hyperpigmentation, melasma, dark spots, brown spots, freckles and all other pigmentation related problems! Contains 99% purity Alpha Arbutin extracted from Bearberry extract from the French Alps.

Intimate Whitening Cream is formulated with the best organic ingredients to guarantee the highest standard of intimate skin whitening. 99% purity Alpha Arbutin extracted from organic Bearberry from the French Alps is the most powerful, safest, natural depigmenting agent known to science

Intimate Pinking Cream is with Swiss patented Vivillume™ is a powerful skin illuminator that greatly enhance the intimate’s luminosity by speeding up the elimination of bilirubin, a pigment that gives yellowish-brownish hue to the skin. Neutralization of yellow-brown hue helps bring out that rosy-pink complexion. Peony Flower Extract is known to directly inhibit melanogensis while giving the skin a natural rosy complexion.

Underarm Whitening Deodorant Cream contains DeoPlex™ system which is clinically proven to neutralize odor causing compounds responsible for underarm specific body odor. Powerful skin whitening fusion of Alpha Arbutin extracted from organic Bearberry and the patented ingredient Vivillume™ works together by inhibiting melanocyte formation and at the same time prevents UV mediated skin darkening by inhibiting arachidonic acid.

Intense Undereye Lifting, Hydrating, Illuminating Cream Has the same formulation of those $500 USD eye creams at just a fraction of the cost! This amazing eye cream combines powerful ingredients that help regain youthful look around the eyes. Our patented 125-Silicone Copolymer acts as a filler that instantly cloak lines and wrinkles of the eye area while Apitoxin from Bee Venom relaxes the smooth muscle around the eyes to prevent lines and wrinkles formation while firming, lifting and plumping the skin for that stress-free look.

Don’t forget to email us at support@skinpeelshop.com within an hour from your purchase with regards to your choice of freebie/s. If we did not received an instruction from you, we will send a random cream to avoid shipping delays.

  • Freebie is cumulative. If you spent 200.00 USD, you will get 15% discount plus 2 choices of freebies.
  • Freebie/s will not appear on your cart or purchase receipt but will be shipped together with your orders.
  • Promo period is until September 30, 2019 only.
  • Email us at support@skinpeelshop.com within an hour of purchase with regards to your choice of freebie.

Enjoy powerful brightening products made 100% by nature this September!

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