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This January, enjoy 15% off on all items plus get 1 free Ultra Hydrating Snail Slime worth 28.75 USD for every 100.00 USD worth of purchase. Simply enter the coupon code:


Our Ultra Hydrating Snail Cream is derived from 99.9% purity LS-Mucin, a very potent glycoprotein processed and filtered from free range Helix Aspersa Snail. Snail slime from this specific snail type is clinically proven to help rejuvenate, repair and hydrate the skin. This powerful, ultra-potent snail cream is made up of 25% of almost pure 99.9% snail slime concentrate and we guarantee that this is the most concentrated and potent snail cream in the world.

  • Freebie is cumulative. If you spent 200.00 USD, using the cupon code will give you 15% discount and 2 Ultra Hydrating Snail Slime.
  • Freebie/s will not appear on your cart or purchase receipt but will be shipped together with your orders.
  • Promo period is until January 31, 2018 only.


  1. All of our creams have improved formulation and upgraded size? Most of our creams are upgrade from 10g to 30g because of your feedback that 10g isn’t enough.
  2. Our Miracle Hair Grower Set Cream was upgrade from 30g to 150g, that is 500% more content without any additional cost.
  3. All of our peels have revised pH and formulation recommendation set by the French Dermatological Society as of October 2017.
  4. We added antioxidants, nourishing vitamins and powerful adjuvant ingredients that compliments your peeling experience amazingly!
  5. All these without any price increase since 2011.

Thank you for your continuous support and we would love to hear your feedback to make the best peel producer in the world even better!

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