15% off on everything this January.

This January, get 15% discount on all purchases of atleast $50.00 USD. Just use the coupon code “newyear” without the quotes. It will work on any products even if the product is already discounted like our new Multifruit Acid Complex and Time-released Glycolic Acid Set, thus giving you additional discount. Again, your coupon code is:


Peel Primer and Recovery cream are also discounted 50% when purchased with any of our peels. You can still use the 15% coupon code on top of the 50% discount mentioned above. We also discounted other products like the Miracle Grow Set and After Peel Total Sunblock and this discount will still work on top of the existing discounted prices! Promo period is until January 31, 2019 only.

Skinpeelshop wishes everyone a very prosperous 2019!

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