TCA Peel

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TCA Peel (Trichloroacetic Acid) 


Peel Primer – optional

Peel Recovery Cream – optional

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TCA or Trichloroacetic Acid Peel gives a medium to deep peel. Greatly helping in enhancing the skin texture, tone and overall complexion. It helps eradicate large pores and shallow scars as well as helping remove blemishes, acne marks, dark spots, age spots, wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps reduce the effects of sun damage to make skin look way younger. It is the most widely used form of facial peel because it is very safe and highly effective. It has the same effect as other expensive peels without the blue dye (Like Obagi Peels). It may solve many skin problems and enhance to overall skin complexion. The use of TCA is not limited to the face, it can also be applied to other body parts such as the neck, back, legs, under arms, elbow and others.

Using TCA Peel will help achieve the following benefits:

  • Safe, effective and very well tolerated peel
  • Treats and prevents all forms of comedogenic pore obstruction that causes acne and blackheads
  • Reverses signs of ageing and sun damage such as wrinkles, lines, brown spots and hyperpigmentations
  • Fades both shallow and deep scars such as scars caused by acne, chicken pox or trauma
  • Very effective peel for stretchmarks and other types of superficial scarring
  • Makes pores smaller
  • Softens and smoothens the skin
  • Greatly improves skin tone
  • Peel of choice for Milia
  • Capable of removing Tattoos
  • TCA is the peel of choice for most skin problems

Our TCA is well protected and packed in a 30 ml bottle along with detailed instructions for safe use. This is enough solution for 10 to 12 full facial peels. The average cost of a single peel by a dermatologist is around 120 USD. 10 TCA peels by a dermatologist will cost around 1,200 USD. Our TCA Peel is of the same quality, if not higher, used by the finest Dermatologist all over the world.

10% TCA Peel is ideal for beginners or new to peeling. This will create a light to medium peel and you will notice an amazing improvement in a week, after the skin is completely peeled.

20% TCA Peel will create a medium peel. This is perfect for people that already tried lower percentage peel. It may solve most of the skin problems enumerated above.

30% TCA Peel is our best seller. This is perfect for people that already tried atleast 20% TCA Peels. This peel will create a medium to deep peel that help improves the overall skin texture, pore size, tone as well as creating an illuminating flawless complexion by diminishing shallow scars, acne marks, dark spots and blemishes. As with all of our peels, we added powerful antioxidants and skin healing botanical extracts that will help you achieve the best peeling experience with the shortest downtime possible.

Consult with Skinpeelshop’s experts to determine which peel and concentration is best for you.

Disclaimer: As with any other cosmetic products, response to our products will vary from person to person and as such, result from one individual does not necessarily mean exact similar result to another.


1. Wash your face with mild soap and water. Wait 15 to 30 minutes to make sure that the face is completely dry.

2. WITH PEEL PRIMER: Cleanse the skin using a cotton pad moistened with Peel Primer. Apply on areas where Peel will be applied. Wait 5 minutes to ensure primer is completely dry. Skip this step if there is no Peel Primer.

3. Gently shake the peel bottle before use. Apply the Peel Solution using a cotton pad on the areas to be peeled. Ensure that you apply the peel evenly.

4. Apply another layer after 5 minutes by repeating the step above. You can apply 3 to 5 layers of the solution depending on your tolerance and need. Stop once you noticed majority of your skin turns white. This is frosting and it means the peel penetrated the skin.

5. 5 minutes after the last layering, neutralize using baking soda plus water mixture (see “Preparing a Neutralizer” below). Neutralize for 1 full minute and then wash your face with mild soap and water. DO NOT PURCHASE PEEL NEUTRALIZER AS THIS IS JUST AN OVERPRICED BAKING SODA.

6. WITH PEEL RECOVERY CREAM: You can immediately apply the Peel Recovery Cream after neutralizing your skin and washing your face. Gently pat face dry and apply a thin coating all over the affected areas and repeat once every 3-6 hours. Skip this step if there is no Peel Recovery Cream.

7. Peeling will begin in 4 to 7 days from the last application of the chemical peel and will last for about 10 to 14 days. Never remove the peeling skin. Skin will appear thick and leathery at this time. Never wash your face frequently to hasten peeling. Think of the dead skin as a protective bandage of the fresh peeling skin. The longer it stays, the better the result. Do not rub or scrub your face during the peeling process.

8. You can add booster layers on day 2 and 3 if you want a deeper peeling. 2-3 layers each day are recommended number of booster layers of TCA for a deeper peel. Just ensure that you always neutralize the peel after each last layering of the day.


9:45 P.M – Wash face, Let face dry in about 15 to 30 minutes.
10:15 P.M – Apply Peel Primer, let face dry for another 5 minutes.
10:20 P.M – Apply TCA Peel for the first layering. Wait 5 minutes.
10:25 P.M – Apply TCA Peel for the second layering. Wait 5 minutes.
10:30 P.M – Apply TCA Peel for the third layering. Wait 5 minutes. (Additional layers are optional)
10:35 P.M – Apply the neutralizer using a cotton ball or pads over the areas layered with the peel. Wait 1 minute.
10:36 P.M – Wash your face. Let it dry and apply Peel Recovery Cream.

You can repeat the above process for 1 or 2 more days for a much deeper peel. If it is your first time using any chemical peel, we suggest applying the minimum number of layers first and assessing your skin’s response before adding additional layers.


A Neutralizer is needed to bring back the skin into its normal PH just after any acid peels. It is also helpful to combat the burning sensation in chemical peels. We recommend not buying any form of neutralizer as it easily disintegrates and expires in about 48 hours. Kindly make your own neutralizer to ensure its effectiveness. ALL chemical peel neutralizers you see being sold online and offline are made from Sodium Bicarbonate, also known as Baking Soda.

Things you need:

1 cup water
1 tablespoon baking soda


Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup water. After 5 minutes of performing any chemical peel, apply the neutralizer using a cotton ball or pad into the affected area. Wash face with cool water after 5 minutes.


Frosting can occur naturally when applying acid peels. This is a chemical reaction produced by the interaction of the acid with the proteins on our skin. This is similar to frying albumin or egg white in a pan in which, it turns white. Take note that applying each layer increases the peel concentration by x0.25%. This means that for every layer of 30% peel you apply, it will add 7.5% to the current concentration.

Frosting is desirable. Some areas of the skin might turn white while others will not. The more layers you apply, The higher the chance that frosting will occur. Frosting rarely occurs with weaker acid peels unless 3 or more layers are applied. Frosting is a sign that the skin will surely peel within 7 days.

Skin might appear hard, leathery and thick during the peeling process. It will also crumple like a paper. The colors will also be uneven, Red/Dark/Brown areas are signs of deep peeling and might peel longer than other skin areas. The skin will magically be poreless, brighter, smoother and baby-smooth after deep peels.


Trichloroacetic Acid, Distilled Water, Vitamin C, Peach Fruit Extract, Muskmelon Seed Extract, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract, Ashitaba Leaf Extract, Zeaxanthin. (Zeaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant that may cause brownish pigmentation on the solution. Shake well before use.)

8 reviews for TCA Peel

  1. hbhardwaj3 (verified owner)

    I request everyone not to buy anything from this website, customer service of this website is pathetic. I was a regular customer of their but recently i made a purchase of tca 20%peel and after i made the payment they told me that it got declined but i sent them screenshots as well as reference numbers as well but they never replied to my emails ever and their phone number is not legit as well!!!!
    This webste is a scam.
    Do not buy anything from here

  2. gerald13leal (verified owner)

    I used their 30% TCA for the first time, and I’d say it worked for my acne scars. It’s understandable since it’s just 30% and it’s my first time use. If you’re someone who has really bad acne scars, I’d recommend you use higher concentrations of TCA, from 80% to 100%.

  3. arka (verified owner)

    I love the 30% peel, I now have super clear skin and my blemishes are gone. Definitely one of the best peels I have experienced! Love these products!

  4. Mimi90 (verified owner)

    i cant remember which one i bought, if the 20 or 30% one, regardless, its really good and results are really amazing after just one peel so im really looking forward on my next order because my skin really looks amazing after 8 peels within a year of usage. I use it once every 1-2 months its really good.

  5. paqetpat (verified owner)

    I have been using 30% TCA peels every 6 months for many years. This is the second time peeling with this product. I get very good results using as directed. I also apply the post peel recovery cream which I love. When using the peel primer, 30% TCA, and the recover cream, my skin peels after 4 days. My recovery time is much shorter with this regimen than other 30% TCA peels that I have used. I highly recommend these products.

  6. Aya (verified owner)

    I would like to thank for this great and effective peel. Indeed, one really strong TCA peel, I ordered and used the 30%, which is much more stronger than those that I ordered online, on ebay, on other cosmetics websites or had at the dermatologist clinic. The difference I experienced here was the itching instead burning with other peels I used before; therefore, I applied separately the peel on each face area- first on the one cheek, did the whole application process, neutralized, than on the other one and than on the forehead. When I think of how much nerves, money I spent so far for other products, dermatologists, creams I can only be infinite thankful and grateful that I can across this website and this product which is really affordable and much more important- it is working even after the first application. I used it twice within 3 weeks as I know my skin that recovers pretty fast from each peel- I peel after only 3 days, and on the 4th or 5th day the new skin is already visible.

  7. rajivanandd (verified owner)

    I am writing the review after my first peel session. I followed the instructions as mentioned. First after applying this peel. The skin on my face became white. After following the instructions, I washed my face. From the next day I can see my face turned black. First I worried but from 5th day my black skin started peeling off. Now I can see fair new skin on my face. This TCA Peel is really a wonderful product. No need to worry if the face turns black. Coz the black skin peel will peel off and we can see new fair skin on our face. I am really so happy with this product and 100% satisfied. I am writing this review only after I completed my 1st Session for the first time. Now I clearly understood how to use it. Still I will go for 3 more sessions with 21 days gap for each session. Great product. It saved me a lot of money. Instead of going to any skin clinics and pay huge amount of money around 800$ – 1200 $. This is exactly the same product which these spa and skin clinics use. So I am going to buy this product again. This product is 100% safe for our skin..

  8. mhegan (verified owner)

    Perhaps I did try all peels I can buy online and TCA is the best for me. This particular TCA is powerful. I did tried 20% and I frosted on 2nd layer which is unusual because I never frosted with peels I bought from amazon. Great peel, great results, affordable and I prefer this over any other peel. I strongly suggest keeping the skin sun protected at all times during peeling to prevent sunburn as the skin seems to be sensitive during peels and until a month or so, specially with this TCA as the peeling is deep. To be on the safe side, I tend to use sunblock all the time.

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