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Skin Peel Shop was established in 1976 as a local skin clinic in France. 100% of our product ingredients are produced organically without the use of any pesticides and are distilled and manufactured in our state-of-the-art laboratory in Bellevue, France. This makes us the only organically certified peel producer in the World.

We started small and personal and we want to keep it that way, away from commercialized peel production that negatively affects quality. When you order, we only then make the peels and other products you purchased the next day. Fermentation, Distillation and Purification process could take 2 to 3 more days. This prevents formulation degradation related to stocking that greatly decreases product efficacy. Downside is that, it may take a couple of days longer for it to reach you but rest assured these products are the best you will ever try or your money back!

To ensure 100% precision, we only formulate the peels in 30 ml containers. This makes our peels 100% true to its concentration, purity and pH. When you make peels in huge containers, particulates tend to settle down at the bottom thus, giving varying concentration, pH and formulation. Unlike most companies that dangerously estimate their peel concentration, when we say 30% concentration, it is really 30%, no more and no less.

Our dedication to personalized level of care makes Skin Peel Shop unique. Skin Peel Shop has been reshaped by client’s feedback all through the years. Our mission is to make the best even better and this is the reason why when you try our products, you will never settle for anything else!

Why choose Skin Peel Shop?
This is Our Passion
For over 40 years, it has been Skin Peel Shop’s passion to create the best peels and products.
100% Organic Products
Raw ingredients from our products are 100% sourced from certified organic farms in Europe. This is to ensure that our ingredients are pure and unadulterated to produce only the best products true to its formulation.
Ethical Consultation and Support
Our team of experts will only recommend product that will surely solve your concerns and will guide you all throughout the treatment. We will never up-sell you products you don’t need.
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Fresh, not Stocked
We do not stock products and we only make them next day it was ordered to guaranteed optimum potency when it arrives at your door step.
Precision Formulation
We make peels on its own 30 ml containers. It is not poured from larger containers as this makes the peel dangerously inaccurate with some bottles getting double its usual concentration due heterogeneity which does not simply resolve with mixing.
100 Day Money Back Guarantee
We are very confident with our products that we will refund your purchase in full with no question asked within 100 days of purchase.