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Multi Fruit Acid Complex

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MFAC or Multi Fruit Acid Complex is a Blend of 19 botanical extract that help increase the cell renewal rate and increases Squamous cell regeneration. MFAC is ideal for uneven skin tone, melasma, scars, large pores, acne, oily skin and rough, dry skin as well. The solution is very rich with all natural Alpha hydroxy acids that help clarify the skin and give an amazing skin complexion.

It also helps reduce the appearance of dull and uneven skin surface. Helps in the prevention of blackheads and other skin blockages. Helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Suitable for all skin types and tones.

Disclaimer: As with any other cosmetic products, response to our products will vary from person to person and as such, result from one individual does not necessarily mean exact similar result to another.


Use as a toner after washing your face. Use twice or thrice a week. (Once every 2 to 3 days) You will feel a tingling/stinging sensation when using this product and the effect is already seen after just one application. Your skin might exfoliate excessively during the first few weeks. This is normal and expected. Avoid using the product near the eyes. You can decrease product usage to once a week if your skin is exfoliating too much.


Water, Bilberry Extract, Sugar Cane Extract, Sugar Maple Extract, Aloe Vera Extract, Orange Fruit Extract, Lemon Fruit Extract, Grape Fruit Extract, Carissa/Natal Plum Extract, Chirimoya Extract, Duku Fruit Extract, Gayave Fruit Extract, Garandilla Fruit Extract, Ackee Fruit Extract, Mabolo Fruit extract, Papaw Fruit Extract, Pitahaya Fruit Extract, Zapote Blanco, Asam Gelugor Extract, Asam Jawa Indian Fig Extract and Atamaya Fruit Extract.

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