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Things to remember before, during and after a chemical peel (Last Updated: January 2013)

Irregardless of the type of chemical peel and its concentration, the following are very important when using our products:

1. Perform a skin test first. Use a cotton ball and dab a very small amount of the product on your face. If no redness or itching is observed after 12 to 24 hours, you can use the product.
2. Use the product as instructed. We recommend having an aesthetician or a medical professional supervise you during your first chemical peeling.
3. Always prepare a Neutralizer before applying the chemical peel.
4. Before application, pour the necessary amount of the chemical peel into a separate container. Do not let the cotton touch the mouth of the bottle. Preventing contamination will ensure the potency of the peel.
5. Pain and Stinging sensation are only normal during application of any chemical peel. This is normal and expected. If you think that the pain and burning sensation are unbearable, apply the neutralizer immediately and wash your face with cool water.
6. Avoid the sun at all times specially during peeling.
7. Peeling completes within 4 to 7 days after the first peeling occurs. First peeling usually occurs 3 days after your last application. It is only normal that your face will feel thick, dry and will crumple as the dead skin at the surface is about to peel and has lost its elasticity.
8. Never scrub your face or remove the dead skin from your face. This could lead to irritation and even scarring. Let it fall on its own.
9. Never use another chemical peel too soon. We understand that the effect of our product is addictive as it improves your skin texture and complexion dramatically however, the skin needs to be rested for at least a month before starting another peel.

Preparing a Neutralizer

A Neutralizer is needed to bring back the skin into its normal PH just after any acid peels. It is also helpful to combat the burning sensation in chemical peels. We recommend not buying any form of neutralizer as it easily disintegrates and expires in about 48 hours. Kindly make your own neutralizer to ensure its effectiveness. We guarantee that ALL chemical peel neutralizers you see being sold online and offline are made from Sodium Bicarbonate, also known as Baking Soda.

Things you need:

1 cup water
1 tablespoon baking soda


Mix 1 tablespoon of baking soda with 1 cup water. After 5 minutes of performing any chemical peel, apply the neutralizer using a cotton ball or pad into the affected area. Wash face with cool water after 5 minutes.

Payment Guide


1. Click the product/s that you want to purchase.
2. Click the ADD TO CART button.
3. Click VIEW CART on the top menu to check the products on your cart.
4. Click CHECK OUT.
5. Complete the necessary fields and choose whether to pay thru credit card/PayPal or western union/bank deposit.


You can pay thru credit card or PayPal. We accept VISA™, MasterCard™, Discover™ and American Express™ credit cards. Credit card payments are processed securely by PayPal™. Purchasing does not require a PayPal™ account, you can pay as a PayPal™ guest and use your credit card without a PayPal account.


In some countries, we can accept Money Gram or Money Transfer payments. Kindly use this option ONLY if you cannot pay using Credit Card or Paypal.

What products does sells?

We sell various medical/professional grade products such as chemical peels, anti-acne solutions, anti-ageing solutions and other high quality products that solves majority of skin problems. We also distribute these same products to different dermatology clinics and spas in the United States, Thailand, South Korea, South Africa, Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, China and other countries. All of our products are the same products Doctors use in world-class skin care clinics all around the world. We guarantee that our products are of the highest quality and superior medical grade products you can use at home safely and effectively to achieve the same professional results.

Are your products safe? How can I use them?

We guarantee that our products are safe and effective. We will never sell anything that will harm you and your skin. We believe that a happy customer will return and buy from us again that is why we highly value your satisfaction and we dedicate ourselves in continuously delivering safe, high quality, professional grade products you can use at home. When you buy a certain product, we will ship it together with a full detailed instructions.

None of our products contains Parabens, Hydroquinone and ALL known carcinogens. If you are pregnant, immunosupressed or undergoing chemotherapy kindly avoid using any of our products. You can also contact us at if you need help or you want to ask us a question.

Do you deliver to my country?

Our company has a focal delivery system located in Japan, Thailand, Philippines, South Korea, Germany, France, Brazil and California to make sure that we can deliver to any countries in the world fast. Shipping can take as early as 3 days to as much as 15 days. But the average delivery time is usually 10 to 15 days. You will have a tracking number so you can locate your shipment. Product will come door-to-door unless you request us to have it labeled “for pickup” and if that is the case, you will pick it up at the nearest post office.

Can I send the product at a different address or send it as a gift?

Yes, at the last payment confirmation page you will see a text box with a title “INSTRUCTION TO THE SELLER” here you can tell us to ship the product to another address other than the credit card address, wrap the product and send it as a gift, Hold the product at the post office for pick up or whatever instructions you desire.

How much does the shipping cost?

It’s absolutely free without minimum amount of purchase required.

What are the methods of payment?

You can purchase using a credit card, debit card, eChecks, PayPal, Western Union and bank deposits.

If I am not happy with the product, can I ask for a refund?

If you purchase via credit card, debit card, eChecks or PayPal thru our site you are protected by our 100 day money back guarantee. Your satisfaction is our priority and in case you are not happy with any of our products, just email us the date/s of purchase, the product/s purchased and the receipt number/s and we will refund you WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED. You also need NOT RETURN THE PRODUCT for us to refund.